Diversity Students


Professional, flexible and hardworking

Our talent pool comprises of a diverse representation of people who work within the busy Scottish TV & Film industry.  One of the main benefits of being a Boutique Agency is that we've met everyone on our base and are invested in their wellbeing.  Purely for safety reasons we don't not have a generic display gallery.  Instead, we tailor our look books based around your casting brief. It's safer for the Artists as they can rest assured knowing that their photos are only being seen by industry professionals.

A benefit of being part of Team Crowd Tracker is that it gives us is the ability to book from a larger Talent pool that equals that of a National Agency whilst maintaining the personal touch.  The TCT Agents have a very similar ethos. They are invested in their Talent and have supported each other through the Global Coronavirus Pandemic.  Partnership working has helped us to keep working in a safe and healthy environment despite the challenges that Covid-19 has presented.



Film Reel


An ethical approach to booking

We work with Producers, Directors, Casting Directors and sometimes other Agents to provide SAs and WOs for various productions and live events. Our team are tailored and placed specifically to each appropriate role in the production.

We will source, bill and pay staff using our fantastic software system, CrowdTrackerPro.  Our system is paperless, GDPR and Covid compliant.  We have an online checkin/ out facility.  Plus a paperless times-sheet and invoice facility.  It's completely transparent and is accessible by Staff, Client and Agency.


People are people

Our team; both Production and Artists, are our number one priority.  We believe in treating our team well and offer an additional layer of support by encouraging good mental health and wellbeing.

We favour the personal touch and are happy to do online or onsite visits to find exactly what your project involves and how we can assist. Onsite booking can be also be arranged.

Our passion is finding the right people for your shoot and making sure everyone is looked after from conception to completion.

We are an inclusive Agency and actively encourage diversity, equality and inclusion.

Team Spirit

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like a no obligation quote for the supply of Background Talent to your production.