People with Masks


Keeping the drama on set

R4 create realistic background scenes within the Scottish TV & Film industry. Specialising in providing professional Supporting Artists (SAs) and Walk-ons (WOs). Our passion is people and making sure everyone feels valued at every stage of the project.  We offer support out-with typical office hours to cater for the demands of production life.

Offering a bespoke digital software system, CrowdTrackerPro, that was designed in Scotland with crowd booking in mind.  E-timesheets, E-invoices and a clear digital footprint makes it a great option for supplying large crowds. The owner is part of a loving and Neurodiverse Family so equality, diversity and inclusion are encouraged both on and off set. 


R4 Projects are powered by CrowdTrackerPro

CrowdTrackerPro™ is powerful Booking Management and Accountancy Software for the TV and Film Industry. With CrowdTrackerPro™ we are able to process bookings and payments quickly and handle any kind of job from start to finish in a safe and secure environment. Artists can access their details in a dedicated portal and keep their own profile and preferences up-to-date. With CrowdTrackerPro™ Invoices and Time-sheets can be maintained with ease, allowing Production and Production Accounts to act swiftly and accurately.